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About Us

CapsuleAccessories was created to provide seasonal colour coordinated fashion accessories.

The business was started by Maria Sadler, a fashion blogger and stylist, who specialises in creating capsule wardrobes and recognised a gap in the market in providing high quality fashion accessories in a variety of colours.

Through her style website, Maria researches and recommends clothes to her extensive client base, with the regular challenge of finding coordinated seasonal fashion accessories. Maria believes that accessories make an outfit and after many years of sourcing products for her clients, CapsuleAccessories was set up to offer capsule collections of accessories to a wider audience. 

Capsule products have been curated to showcase product combinations that work together for different colourings.

Collections show products in colour groupings so that you can choose neutral colours like Navy, Taupe and Grey or accent colours to suit your colouring. If you know your "dominant" colouring choose from the collection that works for you - Light, Deep, Warm, Cool, Bright or Soft. 

To read more about Maria and the services she offers, or to find out more about which colours suit you, go to www.lookingstylish.co.uk